Maître d’œuvre

Our expertise covers all aspects of the completion of a project with a wide range of complementary skills:
Conception and design
Help in acquiring the necessary administrative authorizations and documents
Selection of quality material and equipment
Selection of the right craftsmen who are experts in their fields, and making sure of the quality of project execution down to its finest details
Coordination and monitoring the work of contracting companies
Design advice and art selection
Monitoring of customer relations after reception

A unique sense of detail

Newly built or renovated, each house is unique and meets the vision of the architect and its owners. SBC focuses on the quality of the project execution down to its finest details: 
- Traditional tiles 
- Lime-rendered walls,
- Outside walls and stone facings 
- Solid wood and steel frames 
- Tailored joinery and metalwork 
- Floor heating system and integrated lighting solutions 
- Selection of quality coatings 
- Traditional carpentry works 
- Landscaping and pool conception 
- Outdoor lighting systems