Since its creation, SBC has established trustworthy and long-lasting relationships and partnerships with local architects, landscape artists and craftsmen.

Rudy Ricciotti, Gilles El Khoury, Cabinet Ricciotti,Architects

Thomas Gentilini,Landscaping

Virginie Breton,Interior Decoration

Jean-Philippe Weimer,Lighting Design

Maria Aluminium,Custom door and window frames

Chantal Imbert, Real Estate...

Price Guaranties
The contractually defined price remains unchanged during the entire building period. Each additional order from the client will be subject to an amendment to the initial contract.

Guarantee of Completion
Work is completed within the terms of delivery set in the contract.

Guarantee of Good Working Order
Damages caused by the construction are covered for a period of one year after delivery.
Ten-Year Guarantee
Structural works, foundations, walls, framework, roof, floor, coatings and facades are covered over a period of ten years.